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We are proud to introduce the next generation tubular skylight - Duplus SunTube, the most advanced tubular skylight in the world. Simple and smart technology that captures low elevation light and finally solves the mystery of how best to deliver natural daylight.
  The new Duplus SunTube draws on One Bounce® technology and adds another dimension to tubular skylights. The addition of the Intech lens optimises the through-put of light from dawn to dusk.  
  Until now, tubular skylights have only performed at their optimum level when the sun is high in the sky (from 10.00am to 2.00pm). In most instances, tubular skylight performance decreases dramatically in the early morning and late afternoon when needed most. The Intech lens collects the low elevation sunlight in the early morning, late afternoon and winter, whilst at the same time regulating the light during the hot midday summer sun to provide cooler daylight.  
  The use of our patented Variable Pitch Adaptor enables us to provide a straight path of light between any roof pitch and ceiling, and to bypass obstacles without having to bend our tube around them. To this day, copycat products resort to the use of light reducing angle adaptors (elbows) or low performing flexible ducting to avoid obstacles.  
The Intech Lens is a laser cut, light redirecting device which increases the performance of tubular skylights by up to four times. It is conical in shape to ensure it works to utmost performance, regardless of sun orientation. Each surface of the laser cut is a mirror, specifically engineered to capture low elevation sunlight and redirect it down the highly reflective Duplus SunTube shaft to your room below.
The centre aperture of the Intech lens controls and balances light input and heat reduction, ensuring cool daylight in summer. You can now enjoy quality daylight hours from early morning to late afternoon.
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