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20 Booming Property Trends for Autumn/Winter 2022 & 2023

beautifully designed lounge with rooflights

Homeowners and homeworkers are rapidly turning to home improvements to ensure their living space is as enjoyable place as possible to reside. With this in mind, we collaborated with seven experts across various fields to predict the next big interiors and architecture trends for AW 2022 and 2023, also giving advice on ways homeowners can incorporate these trends into their own properties.

Here at Duplus we have seen an increased number of visitors, from new build enquiries to property renovators, looking to improve the lighting and space in their homes, and several of the predicted trends emphasize these growing desires. Read on to find out more about 20 potential trends for Autumn/Winter 2022 and 2023…

Autumn/Winter 2022

Green bathroom with natural light

According to the experts, there are several notable trends taking shape this autumn/winter in 2022:

  1. Biophilic design
    Since the pandemic, we’ve seen people becoming more drawn to the outdoors. In the next season we will definitely continue to see nods to nature and natural design in interiors, including organic shapes, houseplants, and nature-inspired colours, such as rust and burnt orange (which always have a revival around autumn), as well as other earth tones and greens of various shades. We’ll see people move away from grey, using navy and greens as base colours instead. Whilst green can be daunting to many, it naturally complements neutral shades of white, grey, or beige so it’s an easy colour to include in your design without standing out too much. With many shades to choose from – from mint, olive, pistachio, forest green, and emerald – greens are the perfect option for many this A/W. The Pinterest Predicts 2022 report mentioned “vertical wall gardens or free-hanging ferns”, but a biophilic design can be easily created by lining your room with plants (both real and artificial). If you’re not naturally green-fingered, then opt for easy to keep plants such as spider plants or succulents that require minimal upkeep.
  2. Gothic influences
    As Halloween approaches, gothic influences will likely inspire our home and interiors, with moody paint colours, spooky ornaments and furnishings, and even black house exteriors expected to be on the rise. According to Pinterest Predicts 2022, searches for “goth kitchen décor” was +85%, so we can also expect to see this trend across table settings and kitchen appliances.
  3. Art deco bathrooms
    Art deco is predicted to be a key trend this autumn winter, particularly so for bathrooms, and you can make a big statement with just a few key pieces. We’ll start to see the modern, straight lines found on a lot of popular designs in the last few years (like shower screens) replaced by wonderful art deco arches. Fluted glass is a really easy way to incorporate the trend and is perfect on furniture or within internal doors. Tiles will be eye-catching patterns and brass is increasing in popularity when it comes to fixtures and fittings.
  4. Extensions and dormers
    Across the country, development companies are seeing an increase for extensions and dormers – the trend at the moment is as much light and space as possible, with also some storage put in there too. Duplus has seen an increased demand for flat roofights, popular for both extensions and dormers. While there are no common trends with sizes, it’s all down to planning, but many people are going for as big as possible (within budget).
  5. Pearlcore
    In autumn winter we will see more homeowners embrace iridescent accents in their homes. Alongside plants and succulents associated with the aforementioned biophilic design, we can also expect greenery to be paired with strings of pearls, for an alternative look. Pinterest Predicts 2022 recommended pearl floor tiles, or sateen-finished or pearl-toned wall paint, alongside ”mother-of-pearl photo frames, pearl-embellished serving trays and beaded décor pillows”.
  6. Boucle
    Boucle – a nubby textile made from a yarn of curled fibres – will be everywhere in autumn winter. From sofas, chaise lounges, and footstools, to dining sets, ottomans and even beds, this cosy material will likely remain in style for some time longer. However, we may see it adapt from dreamy whites and light neutrals to also incorporate deeper or more colourful shades.
  7. Curves
    There is a growing demand for curved furniture – such as curved sofas and kitchen peninsulas and islands – as well as trends featuring arches in doorways, bookcases, and windows, and based on the rise in Pinterest searches, curvy lines will still be going strong into A/W (and possibly into 2023 too). We might also see this within lighting, with spheres, hoops, discs, pebbles, and bubbles popping up in lighting designs. Pinterest Predicts 2022 stated that “Boomers, Gen X, and millennials are driving the searches behind this well-rounded home trend”, and so there seems to be no signs of this trend slowing down into A/W.
  8. Checks and chequered patterns
    As clients are looking to bring personality to their homes, checked patterns are also making a triumphal return this year. From rugs to funky flooring, oversized chequers with an exaggerated aesthetic are key to pulling off this trend. Pinterest Predicts 2022 stated that “millennials and boomers in particular are driving this chequered trend”, and suggests choosing items across “blankets, rugs or bedding”.
  9. Structured architectural lighting
    Structured architectural lighting, almost art installation-like pieces, are also rising in popularity. Playing off the intersection of art and technology, architectural lighting seeks to combine design and function. However, to get the best results in your home, you’ll likely need to mix and match the four primary types of lighting (ambient, task, accent, and decorative).
  10. Darker doors and window frames
    According to the experts, people are also tending to go for more grey and darker colours with their window and door choices. Darker colours – such as anthracite, navy, browns, bronze, or even black – create contrast and structure, making a bold statement without looking out of place on older properties. Duplus rooflights align with these trends, with the majority of demand being the anthracite grey finish.


beautiful kitchen with brown feature wall and skylightAccording to the experts, there are several prominent trends expected to be big for 2023:

  1. Wellness and serenity
    Many people are already actively turning to their homes into comfortable sanctuaries, and this trend is likely to continue into 2023. As people designate rooms in their homes to decompress, Pinterest Predicts 2022 shared that people are looking to create “restorative spaces in their homes, complete with cosy furniture” and that all age groups are driving searches for things like music-themed rooms or crystal rooms. As homeowners look to create their very own at-home sanctuary, and there is a desire for timeless and calming spaces.

    Next year we can expect to see an increase in demand for bathrooms that bring serenity. Natural wood and textures, soothing greens (even on large areas such as furniture), and blues to mirror calm waters will feature. This at-home spa design will bring a contrast to what is set to be a difficult year for many people (due to the cost-of-living crisis), so bathrooms and self-care spaces become safe havens from everyday stresses. In other areas of the home, expect soft materials, alongside some pops of colour, as well as “essential oil diffusers, chic massage tables, and vibey candles”.

  2. Sustainability and eco friendly
    Sustainability will continue to grow as a trend with an emergence of new technologies. Homeowners will also be asking more about healthy materials, such as limewash and low VOC paints, as well as recycled and natural materials, and there will also be demand for very organic, natural, and raw finishes, with emphasis on sustainable fabrics.

    You can opt to use more environmentally friendly pieces of furniture – such as any local, natural materials such as wood or stone, or anything made from cork or rattan – and to incorporate affordable sustainable elements, use local antique stores, Facebook marketplace and eBay to find great deals on second hand and vintage furniture and accessories. To avoid waste, also look at ways to refresh current furniture.

  3. 1980s Memphis design
    In 2023 we might also see an odd splattering of Memphis Design from the 80s. Characterized by scattered, brightly coloured shapes, and lines, it typically combines circles and triangles with black-and-white graphic patterns such as polka dots and squiggly lines.
  4. Modern monochrome kitchens
    When it comes to bathrooms, we’ll see modern monochrome themes begin to trend. Get the look with matte black taps and sinks, industrial and utilitarian taps, with monochrome marble and reeded glass units.
  5. Greek influences
    Another interesting rising trend is Hellenism. Pinterest Predicts 2022 said that homeowners will be looking to “infuse ancient aesthetics into their home, from an Aphrodite-themed bathroom to blue, gold and white colour palettes”. In 2023 there’s going to be a revival of Greek motifs, and if you think about some of the aforementioned mentioned trends – including curves and checked floors – then this is one way to pull multiple trends together in one space… Combine rusty terracotta colours with pops of brave cobalt blues to get the look.
  6. Warm metallics
    In 2023 you can say goodbye to major minimalism and design aesthetics like matte-black hardware. Instead of minimalism, people will want to surround themselves with warmth, colour, and interest. Instead of matte-black hardware (which has been popular for many years), the experts potentially will see a shift towards classic hardware styles in metallic tones, such as warm brass and golds.
    An easy way to instantly update the look of your bathroom, at relatively little cost, is to replace the fixtures and fittings, so if you are used to chrome bathroom fittings, swapping them for brass will really make a difference. You can contrast deeper shades (such as hints of teal) amongst neutrals, golds, and other warm metallics, for a more eye-catching look.
  7. Milky ceramics
    Milky ceramics – mainly in white, creams, and milk tones – will also be popular in 2023. These neutral pieces will feature in both plain and speckled designs, and will pop up across kitchenware, bathroom accessories, and other ornamental pieces.
  8. ‘Spring brights’ and neon touches
    With some experts believing that the next trend will be focussed on organic design with either pastel or ‘spring brights’ colour palettes, which will be complemented by a hint of neon. Both of these will allow people to express their personality and bring some fun into the design. The neon theme has been popping up more in the commercial and retail space, and this is likely to follow through to the residential market into 2023.

    When it comes to incorporating a new colour into your home, you don’t have to go all out straight away. Maybe a new cover for your sofa cushions, or a new lick of paint on a feature wall. The experts recommend picking your favourite colour first and start off with small pops of colour here and there, creating symmetry where possible, and clean lines where this has been created.

  9. Fifth wall
    The experts are also seeing a move towards using the ceiling as the fifth wall. Rather than painting the ceiling the same colour as the walls, the experts suggest using a contrasting colour, wallpaper, or cornicing to create a statement. Exposing (or adding) beams, tiling, or adding textured finishes are other alternative options.
  10. Fun fabrics
    Fun fabrics will also make an appearance in 2023. In particular, lip prints will be extremely popular, as well as others featuring animals, birds, and butterflies. We might also see surrealistic photoprint shapes, misty landscapes, and blurry effects (adding a more futuristic touch), as well as patchwork florals and ginghams for a more traditional aesthetic.

Homeowners can also take some inspiration from the latest trends you see in commercial spaces, online or on socials. Take yourself to areas you don’t often visit and take some time to look at the interiors and the colour schemes to get inspiration.

To create a timeless and sustainable space, the experts suggest that homeowners try layering trends… If you want to go for something that will stand the test of time and equally bring character into your interiors, refresh your textiles, prints, and add smaller accessories like ceramics.

As well as major improvements – such as extensions or dormers, installing skylights, windows and doors, and bathroom and kitchen renovations – more affordable interior design and styling changes also appear to be sharply on the rise, so if you are looking to renovate your home in A/W 2022 or 2023, we hope these suggestions inspire you on what is possible, no matter what your budget.

With thanks to the seven experts who gave their views for this article, including:

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