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  • How Much Are Roof Lanterns?

    exterior vie of Duplus pyramid rooflight on a flat roof

    So, just how much are Roof Lanterns?


    This question gets asked a lot and in addition – ‘Are Roof Lanterns Expensive??’.


    Of course, there is no fixed price due to a multitude of options available that can include:


    • Size – How big is the roof lantern that is required?
    • Shape – Does the roof lantern need to be in a certain shape such or wall- abutting?
    • Security – Is the roof lantern going to be used within a new build?
    • Additional Options – Will the roof lantern have a non-standard tint and/or solar performance control?

    These questions help to understand how much a roof lantern will cost and provide an accurate estimation.


    In general, the smaller a roof lantern is, the less expensive it is to manufacture and produce. Secure options increase the cost, due to the additional glazing to exceed building regulation standards and are fully tested with certification provided. Non-standard finishes such as blue, bronze, grey and solar performance control add additional coatings based on a square meter pricing. This means you only pay for what you actually need. the larger the roof lantern, the more specialist coating is required.
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