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  • Everything You Need To Know About Roof Lanterns

    20 degree pitch roof lantern


    Roof lanterns are a fantastic addition to an existing house or great to incorporate into your plans for a new house design. Some of the benefits of implementing a roof lantern include:


    • Attractive and can enhance the aesthetics of your property
    • Bring in copious amounts of natural light to anyroom
    • Create a feeling of more space for the room below
    • Open a room up by enhancing the natural light available

    Here we take a look at all the different aspects involved with making the right decision for your roof lantern, providing key advice about what to look out for and things to consider before you commit to purchase.

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  • Roof Lanterns Vs Rooflights – Which To Choose?

    roof lantern and rooflight

    Both roof lights and roof lanterns have their benefits, but what is the difference? In what situation would one be better than the other? Here we take a look at the pros and cons of roof lanterns vs rooflights, what to look out for and in what situations each makes an ideal addition to your home.


    What is the difference between a roof light and a roof lantern?

    In general rooflights (or just to add to the confusion, skylights!) is a generic term used to describe a myriad of different roof-based glazing systems. This might be stock rooflights or a bespoke skylight. It could be for a large unit or a small domestic rooflight. Rooflights can be used on flat roofs and pitched roofs, so as you can see – there is no real defining factor between roof lights and skylights. In general, skylights are used more widely in the USA and the term rooflights is used more widely in UK and Europe.


    Now we have the generic terms for roof lights covered, let’s take a look at the common differences between a roof light and a roof lantern:
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