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  Lightspan Materials and General Overview
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  Our own product – Lightspan is designed for use in contemporary architecture with wide self-supporting spans and large glazing bar centre sizes. It is available in a wide range of polyester powder coat RAL colours and can be seamlessly integrated with Lightspan curtain walling system. Lightspan roofglazing can accept windows, doors, smoke vents and roof windows.  
  Fully Draining - Lightspan’s overlapping drainage design means that should water penetrate past the outer gasket it will be channelled through the system and dispersed at the system’s lowest point.  
  Contemporary Design - Lightspan can accommodate very wide spans (up to 11m) without the need for secondary steelwork support. (Please liaise with our Lightspan Estimating Department for advice on individual projects). The inherent structural strength of the system allows for wider glazing bar centres, typically 900mm - 1100mm wide although even wider centre sizes can be accommodated under certain conditions. There is no need for steps in the slope of the product unlike patent glazing. Lightspan can be designed to be flush (except where roof vents are required) eg. with no transom cover caps, to encourage better external water/dirt dispersal if specified.  
  Low Pitch - We recommend a minimum fall of 50mm to each pane of glass contained within our roofglazing products. The weight of the external pane of glass causes a dishing of the glass at the centre of the pane this can lead to water ponding and ultimately this leads to unsightly algae growth, the higher the fall the less chance there is of this phenomenon occurring.  
  Thermal Efficiency – As most rooflights are glazed at an angle between 5 and 45 degrees and because the Lightspan system has large recessed drainage chambers, there is no need to protect the edges of the glass assuming there is water penetration into the system. Consequently, we use the air and not a material thermal break to our rooflights. In order to accommodate this our plastic pressure plate is replaced with an aluminium gasketted version. Given that the system is designed to accept large panes of glass meaning that the proportion of aluminium
  to glass is relatively low, we would expect to return U values significantly lower than required under the Building Regulations. Duplus can offer thermal calculations for individual projects based on results obtained via BISCO Building Physics Software.  
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