Lightspan Materials and General Overview
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  50mm wide mullions- Increments of 20mm, sizes assume glazed with 28mm double glazed unit.  
  AL100 Mullion 162mm deep overall
AL101 Mullion 182mm deep overall
AL102 Mullion 202mm deep overall
AL103 Mullion 222mm deep overall
AL104 Mullion 242mm deep overall
  Note bars can be steel cored for greater strength.  
  Glazing Infill - 6mm to 40mm glazing thickness.  
  Glass U value - Typically 1.2W/m2  
  Aluminium -  Aluminium Alloy 6063T6 complying with the recommendations of BSEN755-9  
  TPE gaskets - Comply with BS7412 (Class A)  
  Polyester Powder Coated - to BS6496  
  Fixings - Stainless steel used to secure pressure plates to internal structural bars.  
  Fire Resistance - The Lightspan system will not support the spread of fire but itself does not have any significant fire resistance. (Aluminium melts at 660 degrees C).  
  Codes of Practice -  
  BS5516  Design and Installation of sloping and vertical Patent Glazing
BS8118  Structural use of Aluminium
BS6399 Loadings for Buildings
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