Duplus was started back in 1957 designing, manufacturing and installing industry-leading domed and glass rooflights. Throughout the decades we have continued to develop and improve our products. Our extensive knowledge, expertise and attention to quality have defined us as a market leader in rooflight technology and products.

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Within our product range, we have our own thermally broken aluminium curtain walling system – ‘Lightspan’. Initially developed over 30 years ago we have continued to improve this system to comply and exceed the latest regulations in terms of thermal and structural performance. The versatility of our Lightspan system enables us to complement our curtain walling with rooflights ranging from small to large spans and with varying complexity.

To compliment our Lightspan curtain walling we are able to provide high-performance windows and doors.

Our structural silicone glazed range of rooflights, utilises the latest structural silicone glazing technology to bond the double glazed unit to the rooflights metal frame. Therefore, there are no external caps or beads allowing a stylish, sleek and contemporary rooflight design. Windload, snowload and other impact loads are transferred from the glass to the framework through the structural silicone sealant. The silicone sealant must maintain adhesive and cohesive integrity to the framework as it is subjected to these loads as well as thermal stresses throughout its life.

Duplus is the only glass rooflight company in the UK to be certified Dow Corning Quality Bond approved, their world class standard of structural silicone bonding. If you decide to purchase one of our products then you can rest assured that your rooflight has been manufactured to the highest quality standards set by the industry leader Dow Corning.

In our 60 years of experience designing, manufacturing and installing high-quality market-leading products, our products have stood the test of time for both domestic and commercial applications. We are proud to be associated with many prestigious high-end projects such as Tate Modern and Savoy Hotel where our products have been used and where quality and reliability are paramount.