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Roof Lanterns Vs Rooflights – Which To Choose?

roof lantern and rooflight

Both roof lights and roof lanterns have their benefits, but what is the difference? In what situation would one be better than the other? Here we take a look at the pros and cons of roof lanterns vs rooflights, what to look out for and in what situations each makes an ideal addition to your […]

The Best UK Roof Lanterns For Contemporary Design

internal view of frameless rooflight closeup

Roof Lanterns come in two core forms; traditional and modern, with varying design differences throughout.   Traditional roof lanterns are also known as conservation roof lanterns and are ideal for period properties to stay in keeping with the rest of the architecture of the house.   Modern roof lanterns have a far sleeker structure and […]

Everything You Need To Know About Roof Lanterns

internal view of pyramid rooflight

Roof lanterns are a fantastic addition to an existing house or great to incorporate into your plans for a new house design. Some of the benefits of implementing a roof lantern include: Attractive and can enhance the aesthetics of your property Bring in copious amounts of natural light to any room Create a feeling of […]

How Much Are Roof Lanterns?

exterior vie of Duplus pyramid rooflight on a flat roof

So, just how much are Roof Lanterns?   This question gets asked a lot and in addition – ‘Are Roof Lanterns Expensive??’.   Of course, there is no fixed price due to a multitude of options available that can include:   Size – How big is the roof lantern that is required? Shape – Does […]