Windload Factor


Mullion Span Chart

Choose your Mullion (assumes 28mm overall double glazed unit)

Overall Size: AL/100 50mm wide x 162mm deep
Overall Size: AL/101 50mm wide x 182mm deep
Overall Size: AL/102 50mm wide x 202mm deep
Overall Size: AL/103 50mm wide x 222mm deep
Overall Size: AL/104 50mm wide x 242mm deep
Drawing download
1 The correct drawings are determined by a number of factors. Start the process by determining the correct windload factor (Pa) for your application (top left). You must click the select button to view the correct graph.
2 Having selected your chosen windload factor (Pa) use the Mullion Span Chart ( bottom left) to determine the correct Mullion size from where the Span and Centres intersect.
3 Choose the Mullion as determined by the mullion span chart.
4 From the dropdown menu, select the required section detail as identified numerically on the isometric drawing.

Section details based on mullion choice.

Click on the dropdown menu below and choose your detail drawing. Note download will include a PDF and AutoCad .dwg file. Files are zipped.