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How Much Are Roof Lanterns?

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So, just how much are Roof Lanterns?


This question gets asked a lot and in addition – ‘Are Roof Lanterns Expensive??’.


Of course, there is no fixed price due to a multitude of options available that can include:


  • Size – How big is the roof lantern that is required?
  • Shape – Does the roof lantern need to be in a certain shape such or wall- abutting?
  • Security – Is the roof lantern going to be used within a new build?
  • Additional Options – Will the roof lantern have a non-standard tint and/or solar performance control?

These questions help to understand how much a roof lantern will cost and provide an accurate estimation.


In general, the smaller a roof lantern is, the less expensive it is to manufacture and produce. Secure options increase the cost, due to the additional glazing to exceed building regulation standards and are fully tested with certification provided. Non-standard finishes such as blue, bronze, grey and solar performance control add additional coatings based on a square meter pricing. This means you only pay for what you actually need. the larger the roof lantern, the more specialist coating is required.


Shape plays a very key role in the cost of a roof lantern. Pyramid, octangular, rectangular and wall-abutting roof lanterns all make a definite difference when it comes to providing an accurate roof lantern quote.


Below we take a look at the range of pricing for roof lanterns across some sample variations.


Note the differing price depending on slope angle and whether the roof lantern is Secured By Design Part Q Certified. 30 and 40 degree options are available:

  • Pyramid Rooflights

    Our pyramid rooflight is frameless in design with glass set at a 30 degree angle to create a low pitch pyramid rooflight that uses the same technology as our roof lantern. This means that it has no internal…

    Starting from £599.00 (Excl. VAT)

    Customise & buy

  • Pyramid Rooflight – Secured by Design (Part Q)

    Secured by design pyramid rooflight to meet the requirements set out in The Building Regulations Approved Document Part Q: Security in Dwellings (2015 Edition).

    Starting from £699.00 (Excl. VAT)

    Customise & buy

  • Pyramid Rooflight – 40 Degree Slope

    Our pyramid rooflight uses the same technology as our lantern rooflight which means it has no internal hip framework ensuring that the maximum amount of natural light is able to penetrate the room…

    Starting from £710.00 (Excl. VAT)

    Customise & buy

  • Roof Lanterns

    Our roof lanterns and other rooflights are manufactured using state-of-the-art structural silicone glazing techniques. These techniques allow us to manufacture our low pitch 30 degree…

    Starting from £850.00 (Excl. VAT)

    Customise & buy

  • Roof Lantern – 40 Degree Slope

    Our accredited structural silicone glazing techniques allow the production of a glass lantern rooflight without the requirement for internal framework to the products hips or ridge.

    Starting from £1,125.00 (Excl. VAT)

    Customise & buy

  • Roof Lantern – Secured by Design (Part Q)

    Secured by design SB30 low pitch roof lantern rooflights to meet the requirements setout in The Building Regulations Approved Document Part Q: Security in Dwellings (2015 Edition).

    Starting from £1,310.00 (Excl. VAT)

    Customise & buy

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Adding on tints can cost an additional:


  • £12 per sq m for Grey and Bronze
  • £42 per sq m for Blue, due to the advanced coating required to reduce glare
  • £50 per sq m for High-Performance Solar Control

Adding a self-cleaning glass finish to your roof lantern is available on request and free of charge. No flashing kit or additional mastic sealant required as the products are manufactured with an integral bubble gasket to achieve the weather seal. Each roof lantern is provided fully assembled, saving you time and money for the installation.


Delivery charges vary from £100 per lantern, £50 extra for Devon, Cornwall, Wales and an additional £175 for Scotland. We do not mark-up our delivery costs, to ensure we keep delivery charges to a minimum. Roof lanterns are heavy items ranging from 100KG – well over 250KG in weight.


To get an accurate quote for your roof lantern is simple:


  1. Browse our selection of Roof Lantern options
  2. Select your preferred style
  3. Choose your size
  4. Add any additional options you require such as tints and finishes
  5. Add the product to your basket and checkout


Duplus roof lanterns are manufactured and produced in the UK to the highest standards at our factory in Leicester. Duplus was established in 1957 and has been leading the market on high-performance design for decades. For any non-standard options that you may like to discuss, call our experts at Duplus on 01162 610 710, Get A Quote or use the Online Chat Facility (in the right hand corner of the screen) to get your questions answered quickly!

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