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Fixed, Walk-on & Circular Rooflights

All our fixed, circular and walk-on rooflights come with the following options.

Rooflights are a great way to introduce quality natural light into any room. Rooflights can help reduce your lighting bill and help reduce CO2 emissions. Studies have shown that natural daylight is important for our bodies and mental wellbeing.


Our rooflights offer outstanding thermal efficiency and meet or surpass the current Building Regulation requirements. Our rooflights are available in a huge range of sizes and can be designed to suit almost any situation.


Rooflights can be installed into a flat roof or pitched roof. Our rooflights are designed to be installed onto a kerb or upstand. The ultra slim frame profile and flush glazing create a stunning contemporary style rooflight which floods the area beneath with generous amounts of natural light.


We have numerous glazing options to cater for most situations. All our rooflights are fitted with energy saving glazing which is designed to keep the heat in during the colder times of the year. We can also offer glazing that controls the temperature during hotter months to prevent a greenhouse effect.

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Delivery or collection

All of our rooflights can be delivered around the UK, or you can collect from our factory in Leicester.

Stock items delivered within 48 hours (subject to availability).

Custom sizes normally 20-25 working days (subject to workload at the time of ordering).

Rooflight FAQ’s


  1. Do you need planning permission for a rooflight?

Normally, you don’t require planning permission to insert rooflights or roof lanterns into your roof, as the permitted development rules allow roof alterations under certain limits and conditions. However, there are certain conditions in which a roof lantern may require planning permission. Therefore, we would always recommend discussing such alterations with your local planning authority prior to undertaking any alteration works. Additional information is obtainable via the following link: UK Planning Portal


  1. Are rooflights a good idea?

Rooflights reduce lighting bills and reduce CO2 emissions. More importantly, they introduce natural light which is important for our bodies and mental wellbeing. They also provide an attractive focal point for any living space. We offer stock sizes for fast delivery and bespoke sizes upto 2m x 3m. Rooflights are an excellent addition to an existing property or a new extension.


  1. How much does it cost to fit a rooflight?

This depends on the size of rooflight and your builder. All our rooflights are pre-assembled by our expert team of operatives in our manufacturing facility. They are delivered fully assembled and fully weathertight. Therefore, the installation process can be very easy and efficient. We would expect an average size rooflight to take approximately 1 hour to install. In most cases your builder would install the rooflight. In our experience, most builders are happy to install the rooflight but it is always worth discussing this with your builder prior to ordering.


  1. How do you clean a rooflight?

As with most glass products, the rooflight will need to be cleaned from time to time. We recommend installing the rooflight at a slight angle to aid water and dirt run-off. We can apply an easy clean coating on the glass in the factory, if necessary, to help this process.


  1. Are rooflights noisy?

Glazing technology has improved significantly over the years. They are a complete contrast to the plastic conservatory roof sheeting, which if you’ve ever experienced it in the rain, is rather noisy to say the least! You can have complete confidence that a glass rooflight, like ours, will offer you a comfortable and peaceful living area.


  1. Are rooflights too hot or too cold?

With significant improvements in glass technology and structural glazing techniques, we are able to offer rooflights with outstanding thermal efficiency and low U values. With various glazing options, we can offer a glazing specification to suit your requirements. This will produce a rooflight that keeps the room warm in the winter and cooler in the summer and lower heating bills.