Lightspan Materials and General Overview
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  50mm wide mullions- Increments of 20mm, sizes assume glazed with 28mm double glazed unit.  
  Note bars can be steel cored for greater strength.  
  Glazing Infill - 26mm glazing thickness.  
  Glass U value - Typically 1.2W/m2  
  Aluminium -  Aluminium Alloy 6063T6 complying with the recommendations of BSEN755-9  
  TPE gaskets - Comply with BS7412 (Class A)  
  Polyester Powder Coated - to BS6496  
  Fixings - Stainless steel used to secure pressure plates to internal structural bars.  
  Fire Resistance - The Lightspan system will not support the spread of fire but itself does not have any significant fire resistance. (Aluminium melts at 660 degrees C).  
  Codes of Practice -  
  BS5516  Design and Installation of sloping and vertical Patent Glazing
BS8118  Structural use of Aluminium
BS6399 Loadings for Buildings
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