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Electric Operation

Transformers and Switches for electrically operated rooflights – simplified

Duplus opening and sliding rooflights are available with electric operation.

For safety reasons, we decided that all of our electrically operated products should be opened by 24 Volt motors rather than mains powered motors and as such would be delivered with a control switch and separate transformer unit.

Until now this has meant that there would be two separate units to wire with the actuator in order to create a working system. The control switch being sited close to the rooflight with the bulkier transformer hidden from view, perhaps in an adjacent cupboard or next to the rooflight itself.

The question of exactly where to site the transformer has now been resolved with the introduction of our combined touch sensitive switch and transformer unit specifically designed for use with our electrically operated rooflights.

opening rooflight switch

Duplus switched transformer unit – now being supplied with every electrically operated rooflight.

This product fits neatly into a standard double gang back box.  Wiring the unit could not be simpler – the typical connections are illustrated below, power comes in one side, wired to the actuator on the other.

opening rooflight wiring details

Technical data

switch technical