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How To Get The Best Natural Lighting For Your Home

There are so many benefits to bringing more natural light into your home. For starters, utilising natural light instead of artificial light saves energy and thus lowers your electricity bill. It also enhances the beauty of fabrics and furniture and can provide an instant boost to your mood and your immune system.

Want to allow more natural into your home?

Then why not consider installing rooflights! In fact, incorporating rooflights  or roof lanterns can provide as much as three times more daylight than the same area of vertical windows, whilst providing a much more even distribution of lighting.

Rooflights are the ideal investment if you’re looking to create a bright, naturally lit interior and reduce the requirement for artificial lighting.


Reduce your Energy Costs with Rooflights

Installing rooflights in your home can help to reduce your energy costs. This is made possible through reducing the need for artificial light and by lowering heating costs due to natural solar gain. So if you’re looking to cut your energy bills whilst enjoying the many benefits of natural daylight, it makes sense to invest.


Sleek and Stylish Contemporary Rooflights

Duplus has become renowned for designing, manufacturing and installing sleek, stylish and contemporary rooflights for both domestic and commercial properties across the UK. Rooflights are manufactured to the highest standards and can be relied upon to stand the test of time. Whether you’re looking for fixed rooflights, opening rooflights, lantern rooflights, walk on rooflights or rooflights in another shape or style, you can rest assured that your needs can be catered to.


A Range of Rooflights to Suit all Budgets

There are a vast range of rooflights to meet various and budgets. Our prices start from just £612 and we cater for those with even modest budgets. Whatever your needs and budget, the experienced team at Duplus will work with you closely in order to help you choose the perfect rooflights for your home or business premises.

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