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  • Benefits of installing rooflights in an economic slowdown

    During an economic slowdown, it can be tempting to put off home renovation projects. However, installing a rooflight can actually be a smart investment in these times, offering several benefits that are especially relevant during an economic downturn.


    Lantern rooflight with timber frame building

    Potential for increased home value
    Rooflights are an attractive feature that can add value to your home. In a slow economy, making improvements to your home can help set it apart from others on the market and increase its overall value. Alternatively, it may help the property sell faster due to this differentiating factor in both practical and aesthetic terms.


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  • How Walk-on Rooflights Can Benefit Conversions

    room being converted

    Let’s paint a little scenario…you’re in the final stages of construction and your wonderful garage, kitchen, basement, cellar or balcony conversion is about to be completed. Dinner parties, summer BBQs, gaming rooms, home bars – whatever the intended usage of your new extension is, the excitement is palpable, and your living experience is about to be transformed.


    But what if there was one final missing component of this jigsaw that could elevate your architectural design to new heights. Have you thought about installing walk-on rooflights? Well, don’t worry as we can guide you through all you need to know if you aren’t already familiar. We’ve put together this helpful guide that touches on the features and benefits these bespoke rooflights provide for various different conversions.


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  • Rooflight FAQs – Everything You Need to Know Before You Buy

    With house prices rising, rooflights make a fantastic home improvement by increasing the amount of natural light into your rooms. However, choosing the right rooflight for your home can be a daunting task. With a multitude of options and copious amounts of technical jargon, deciphering which one to choose is no easy feat!

    To untangle this plethora of information we spoke to Gavin Helgeson, who provided some in-depth expertise on what to look for when buying a rooflight. Read on to find out more…

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  • Roof Lanterns Vs Rooflights – Which To Choose?

    roof lantern and rooflight

    Both roof lights and roof lanterns have their benefits, but what is the difference? In what situation would one be better than the other? Here we take a look at the pros and cons of roof lanterns vs rooflights, what to look out for and in what situations each makes an ideal addition to your home.


    What is the difference between a roof light and a roof lantern?

    In general rooflights (or just to add to the confusion, skylights!) is a generic term used to describe a myriad of different roof-based glazing systems. This might be stock rooflights or a bespoke skylight. It could be for a large unit or a small domestic rooflight. Rooflights can be used on flat roofs and pitched roofs, so as you can see – there is no real defining factor between roof lights and skylights. In general, skylights are used more widely in the USA and the term rooflights is used more widely in UK and Europe.


    Now we have the generic terms for roof lights covered, let’s take a look at the common differences between a roof light and a roof lantern:
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  • Why buy structurally bonded rooflights?

    Duplus large roof lantern

    Why should you buy a Structurally bonded rooflight rather than one that isn’t?

    In order to answer this question, it’s important to know what is meant by “Structurally Bonded”.

    ‘Structurally bonded’ refers to the load-bearing structural adhesive used to form a bonded joint, capable of holding two or more substrates together under stress. In high-quality rooflights, this is the bond between the glass units or the glass unit and its framework.

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