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Flat Rooflights

Selection of rooflights ideal for flat roofs

All our flat rooflights come with the following options.

Flat rooflights are perfect for letting natural light into the room below. These rooflights are ideal to be placed on a pitch of up to 5 degrees, which will aid water runoff. Many are also suitable for pitched roofs up to 70 degrees. Flat rooflights are available in a wide range of styles and sizes to suit requirements, including non-opening, hinged and sliding options.


From opening rooflights to shaped rooflights, sliding rooflights with access to fixed flat options, there are a range of features and designs for almost any requirement. Furthermore, Duplus Flat Rooflights are manufactured to the highest quality in our UK factory using silicon-bonding techniques, ensuring a complete seal from the elements and a contemporary finish without unsightly frames.


This frameless aesthetic will enhance the look of your home both inside and out. If you’re looking to get some fresh air into the room below, our flat roof hinged rooflights are a great buy. If you’re looking for access, then check out our sliding and bifold rooflights, both electric and manual and ideally suited for flat roofs.


We also provide walk-on rooflights, where you may be looking to provide light for a basement or a walkable area on the flat roof itself. Finally why not take a look at our fixed flat rooflights with a beautiful and minimal aesthetic?


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All of our rooflights can be delivered around the UK, or you can collect from our factory in Leicester.

Stock items delivered within 48 hours (subject to availability).

Custom sizes normally 20-25 working days (subject to workload at the time of ordering).

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Flat Rooflight FAQ’s


Can you put a skylight on a completely flat roof?

No and rarely is a roof completely flat. If it is, your builder can just make an adjustment to the upstand to increase this by 5 degrees to ensure your skylight has suitable water run-off. Many skylights (or rooflights) are designed for flat roofs. Especially sliding rooflights and roof lanterns that can only be positioned up to a maximum pitch of 5 degrees. Adding a rooflight to a flat roof can really bring in a great amount of natural light and open up the room below. Duplus rooflights come fully-assembled and ready to be installed on a builder’s kerb, where no flashing kit is required.


Do I need a flashing kit for a flat roof light?

No, you do not need a flashing kit with Duplus rooflights. Our flat rooflights are designed to be installed directly onto the builder’s kerb. This ensures a structural fit, weathertight seal and no additional fitting kit. Furthermore, Duplus rooflights come fully-assembled and ready to be fitted on delivery.


What is the largest flat rooflight you have available?

Some of the largest flat rooflights we have available in one unit is 2m x 3m for a fixed flat rooflight, 1.7m x 3m for a sliding rooflight, 2m x 2m for a hinged/opening rooflight and 2m x 4m for a bi-parting rooflight. We also provide large roof lanterns up to 2m x 5.8m in single panes of toughened, heatsoaked glass.


Does the water drain off a flat rooflight?

Yes, water does drain off a flat rooflight as most roofs have up to 5 degrees to aid this process. If your roof is completely flat, it is possible to vuild an upstand incorporating a 5 degree angle. This will be sufficient for allowing water to run-off the rooflight as opposed to gather.


What is the best rooflight for a flat roof?

There is no single best rooflight for a flat roof. Each comes with a host of features depending on the application required. Fixed rooflights are ideal for bringing some light into the room, walk-on rooflights ensure that someone can safely walk on the rooflight, hinged sliding and bi-parting allow for an opening, where as roof lanterns provide more light and an attractive aesthetic.