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How Walk-on Rooflights Can Benefit Conversions

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Let’s paint a little scenario…you’re in the final stages of construction and your wonderful garage, kitchen, basement, cellar or balcony conversion is about to be completed. Dinner parties, summer BBQs, gaming rooms, home bars – whatever the intended usage of your new extension is, the excitement is palpable, and your living experience is about to be transformed.


But what if there was one final missing component of this jigsaw that could elevate your architectural design to new heights. Have you thought about installing walk-on rooflights? Well, don’t worry as we can guide you through all you need to know if you aren’t already familiar. We’ve put together this helpful guide that touches on the features and benefits these bespoke rooflights provide for various different conversions.


An Overview of Walk-on Rooflights

kitchen rooflight

Walk-on rooflights can bring a wealth of benefits to kitchen, basement or garage conversions, as they allow for greater levels of natural light, transcending areas into open and sizeable interior spaces, whilst ensuring the useable space above is left intact. Duplus rooflights can be designed and manufactured to fit the exact specifications of the space, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal performance.


Features such as high levels of insulation and UV protection come as standard, helping to reduce energy costs and protect against harmful rays. With the option to choose from a range of finishes, tints and styles, rooflights add a touch of personal flair and individualism to your conversion.

Durable Features

Walk-on rooflights are designed with durability in mind. They are constructed with toughened heatsoaked glass able to withstand the weight of people walking across them. There is also an option for a non-slip surface, so if ever there is a downpour from the clouds above, you’ll still be able to walk around freely without the fear of falling and injury.

Walk-on Rooflights For Balconies

walk-on rooflight on balcony

Balconies above a room below (such as a kitchen or garage) are an ideal candidate for walk-on rooflights. Perfect for conversions, this technique offers a myriad of benefits such as:

  • Non-slip coating for the balcony side
  • Ability to walk across the rooflight on the balcony
  • Natural light for the room below
  • Reduction in artificial lighting for the room below
  • Potential to reduce energy bills for the room below

The design of walk-on rooflights incorporates triple-glazed, toughened, heatsoaked glass as standard, making them suitable for both residential and commercial settings.

The benefits of Walk-on Rooflights For balconies

It’s always good to know exactly what kind of features to expect when debating whether to invest in rooflights. The main features and benefits are described below:

  • Natural Light: As we have touched upon already, balcony rooflights bring natural light into the room below, allowing for a subtle and improved ambience of the space, therefore reducing the need for artificial light.
  • Useable Space: Adding a walkon rooflight will not render the space above useless. Instead, both area benefit – natural light below and a useable balcony above.
  • Energy Efficiency: By reducing the need for artificial light in the room below, balcony walk-on rooflights on balconies help to reduce energy consumption and improve energy efficiency. They incorporate features including triple glazing and high levels of insulation, reducing heat loss and improving energy performance. This helps to lower energy bills and reduce carbon emissions.
  • Potential Increase to the Property Value: Walk-on rooflights can help boost the value of a property or decrease selling time, due to being desirable features and adding a wow factor for many potential buyers.
  • Ideal For Kitchens/Garages with a Balcony above: Where the balcony is above a kitchen or garage, walk-on rooflights can be ideal to make the most of both spaces. Useable space above and natural light below.

Walk-on Rooflights For Garage Conversions

garage conversion to gym

You may decide that your garage conversion could do with that final modification to really help cement the feel and experience of your design. Walk-on rooflights can do just that, provide a unique benefit to your garage conversion and the space above (or below if you have a basement or cellar).


Guests can walk freely on them without damage, they can provide a unique connection to the outdoors, which allows you to enjoy the benefits of natural light, while also providing a quirky design feature.


In a garage conversion, walk-on rooflights can provide natural light into the room, thus reducing the need for artificial light. A simple way open up an area, improve the energy efficiency of your home and reduce energy bills simultaneously.


However, when building a garage conversion, it is important to choose the right type of walk-on rooflight for your needs. Consider the size and shape and ensure that it is tailored to the specific needs of your project.


Walk-on Rooflights For Basements and Cellars

Ever fancied opening up that dead space in the basement? Or perhaps you have converted your cellar but find it is a bit gloomy, even with the lights on. This is where a rooflight above can really let the natural light flow into the room below.


Popular in London, where space is in short supply, a well-positioned walk-on rooflight (or multiples thereof) can make your cellar or basement actually feel like a useable room to fully extend your property, without having to take away half the garden.

Enquire About Our Walk-on Rooflights Today

So, hopefully we’ve provided you with some of the benefits of using walk-on rooflights in garage, basement and balcony conversions.


Should you need any further information or want to discuss more details about our products, then please feel free to contact us on 0116 2610 710 or if you already have specifications, why not get a quote?. We will be more than happy to provide installation information and CAD/technical details to help you make an informed choice.

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